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2002 Dodge abs

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    2021-03-13 15:46:05
      My maxi check pro doesn't recognize my abs module, is there an update? Wanted to cycle the pump to no avail. I have Chrysler Ver. 7.00 and I get a "unknown module" ID 00000 on my unit. I don't get any option to manually enter a part #. This really sucks.

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    2021-03-19 18:26:01

     Have you had any luck?

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    2021-04-08 21:09:14 (Reply to:Didymus)


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    Ishaan Kasi

    2021-07-24 13:10:28 (Reply to:promaster)

     Also having the same problem trying to reset Abs light on 2015 Chevrolet aveo. It does not even read and supply fault codes. Is there a specific connector for GM vehicles 

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    2021-08-17 13:24:13 (Reply to:promaster)

     Hi .. having issue trying to read ABS codes on 2002 Intrepid as well;  any idea yet if I need this connector with the MaxiCheck--- does Autel ever respond to this forum posting?  thks 

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    2021-09-29 16:07:42 (Reply to:promaster)

       I would really like to know how you are able to post a picture on this website replying to a post. I've only been able to attach a photo on creating a post, and think you need  to click on a photo link to view it.
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