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Bleed and initialization of new/used ABS module on Fiat Freemont

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    Krister Wenstrom
    2022-01-27 11:34:56
    This is more of a solution than a question.

    I own a 2014 Fiat Freemont 2.0 that suddenly started showing the engine and traction(?) warning on the dashboard.
    (Everything worked as supposed apart from the speed control that was completely dead, I think the fault code was C0042)

    Reading about it and checking everything else i got the feeling it had to be the ABS module being shot.
    After buying a new/used module from a car scrap i replaced the faulty module and by that got rid of the engine warning but the traction warning kept showing... Fault code read was now C2202 "invalid VIN code"...

    Using the Maxi Check Pro didn't give me choice to initialize the ABS module and the bleeding of the module didn't work either. That was until i found that Fiat Freemont was also to be found under the US car menu (Chrysler), (i started using the European menu Fiat Freemont) Under the US selection both the Bleeding worked and it also gave me the option to initialize the module.

    So now my Fiat is free of error codes and no warnings on the dash!

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    eric sanchez

    2023-05-11 19:17:46 (Reply to:Krister Wenstrom)

     i have the same problem, i change the module of Avenger 2014 and the MP808ts can´t initialize the module,  show "Initaialización ABS not Supported"

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    2023-08-01 21:08:56 (Reply to:eric sanchez)

    That's Nice maybe you should give me some tipc on how to go about this diognose fit
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