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Hey, does anyone know how to reset a MINI airbag ecu with the J2534?

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    2023-01-08 08:56:27
     Does anyone know how to reset the airbag ecu on a MINI? The ecu contains a fault and I would like to reset it to get rid of the pesky airbag & seatbelt light. Also, I'm still learning how to use my Autel if you could point me in a direction to learn all of the fundamentals. Thanks.

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    2023-01-11 18:31:30 (Reply to:)

    Hi, you did not mention if there were any codes and if you did any repairs to the airbag
    and belts,because if there are still any codes left you can not erase the airbag light.

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    2023-01-13 23:18:15 (Reply to:)
    Hello, I am a newbie. I am trying to fix my 2010 Mini Cooper R56 which has a Internal Control Unit Fault in the ACSM/MRS (SRS ECU). It randomly appeared after it sat outside in the winter for a couple months and hasn't gone away after trying to erase codes. The fault code is 0093D7 (ACSM/MRS, internal control unit fault. The control unit is made by Autoliv P#:3454345 (or) 3454346-01 (65.77). Thinking I can use EEPROM to reprogram it? I have an Autel IM608, JVCI, and a XP400 Flash Pro. I was wondering how I am able to extract the error contents as well as fix the fault. Thank you. 

    The lights that are active are the airbag and seatbelt.

    Any input is welcome.
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