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DPF Replace

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    Goran Vettersand
    2023-06-11 06:16:07
    I just bought an MX808 and the regen worked fine but it cannot do the Replace DPF on my Subaru Forester 2010 boxer diesel engine after installing a new DPF.
    I get to "Have ash accumulation rate and soot accumulation rate been reset?" Click Yes and it returns with "Use the present data display/save mode to confirm tha ash accumulation rate and soot accumulation rate have been reset". Click OK and it returns to the main screen of DPF actions.
    On Data logging function one of Autel team sent 2 files (patch files?) after asking about this issue, but I cannot open or retrieve those from the message reply I got.
    I have attached a snap shot of the files sent.
    What is the solution?
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