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How to turn BMW airbag light off.

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    2015-07-23 11:45:29
    Hi, i'm looking for info on how to turn the airbag light of, I have a BMW z3 2.2 roadster 2002reg, my maxidiag elite md802 keeps saying tester is not communicating with control unit. I have followed the 4 steps it suggests in the message but still not working, i have also tried updating it but it has the current version 2.30 already. 
    Is there anything i have missed or haven't tried?
    Cheers Darren.

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    2015-07-26 13:58:16

     Hi you could try  downgrading the bmw software to an earlier version.

    In the past I have come across a lot problems  when I have upgraded to new software, so now I have every stage of the updates on backup so I can try each version when I have problems with not communicating with control unit.

    Hopes this helps  mick 

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