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I should have bought ALL SYSTEM I think, please advise

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    2016-06-10 19:37:20
     I think i did not research much and I have bought MD702 4sys+DS  after watching a youtube video of someone resetting an ABS light with a MD702 on a BMW Mini.
    In the video as the person scrolled through the functions he passed by BODY no8 Headlight Levelling.
    I thought Great! I could use that function.

    I now find that I have purchased the 4 system only version ( I was unaware there are two varieties )

    For me to purchase an upgrade ( 4 sys to all sys ) please explain what BODY no.8 Headlight Levelling facility is CAPABLE of doing? Can it set a new headlight level? or just reset the factory level setting?
    Also, does MD702 All System allow diagnosing BMW Mini rear parking control sensor problem?

    I am undecided on upgrading the MD702 4 system to ALL system, or purchasing a new MD802 ALL System.
    Is the yearly software update for each unit different?

    I registered my unit here yesterday.
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