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    2016-06-12 01:32:36
          Dear Autel Support.

    Please advise internet router PORT NUMBERS and protocols for PC Suite and Updates functionality.

    I, like many other people I am sure, have an internet firewall router set to block all traffic in or out other than known connections.

    I have so far discovered on my own from looking at my router logs and browser history that Autel website requires port TCP 8800 open to allow the downloading of PC Suite 6.34 from the Autel PC Suite support page, and port TCP 6900 is required to be open to allow a login connection from PC Suite ( 6.34 ) on pc to the Autel update server.

    From that point onward I do not know which port or protocols are required to initiate the device updates from your server into PC Suite 6.34 as I am stuck on a "Loading.........." message in the top beige/yellow bar of PC Suite 6.34 and the update page never populates with the available updates ( there are many available according to my device update page here on the website ). I definitely connected as after login my product serial number is shown on the top bar of PC Suite.

    I know that no upload or download data traffic or attempted or repeated attempts for the software updates to download are happening as I have no data communication throughput logged on router or viewed from command prompt netstat , from that point of PC Suite 6.34 giving the "Loading.........." message
    ( with the Updates list on PC Suite 6.34 unpopulated )

    This tells me that once I have logged into PC Suite, no communication is coming in or out of PC Suite 6.34 from that stage onwards.
    This is obviously not how things should progress.
    Therefore I can only deduce I need to open up another ( or a range of ) router/firewall port(s) to allow data flow.

    Please advise WHICH port numbers and protocol ( TCP/UDP ) to allow full two-way communication between PC Suite 6.34 and your update server so that I can actually download the available updates for my device.

    I am unwilling to drop my firewall completely ( turn off all router protection ) as I see from other posts that it takes a whole day or night to receive the updates and this is time I would be openly exposed to vulnerabilities and hack attempts, so that's not going to happen! 

    Thank you for your time and I hope your Dragon-boat festival was enjoyable.


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    Autel Support

    2016-06-13 10:12:25 (Reply to:RAW)

     Hi, ports used by PC suite are 8888, 9600 and 8080. When PC suite shows you the serial number and "Loading....", please close it and then login again to try. Thanks!
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