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MD802 help please.

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    2018-07-26 22:01:41
     Hi all, hope you are well.

    hope you can please help me & please be patient with my explanations & understands of the unit & its wordings.

    I have the above tool, MD802, ive had it for about 2yrs or so.
    I have used it loads of time's on my car , mothers, fathers , sister , brother-in laws, cars & more than once, especially if there's been a problem with the car & there's been no light on the dash board.  

    I've plugged the MD802 into the car, then started the engine (its easier for the car to have it running other than it on ignition,for battery power reasons).
    Then i go into the menu to find the car & model, then i go into scan.
     The MD802 then does its job & then lets me view the trouble code DTC. (if there are any). 

    I then write these codes down (with pen to paper) & give it to the family member for them to obtain the information on the problem (i don't charge the family for plugging it in, there family + we help each other, i brought this MD802  to find a trouble code on a car we could never get running, which in the end we got running * the fault was a part that was damaged & we replaced with a new part & this new part was in fact damaged but not completely, so it would start but not run.)

    So for this usage of the MD802 i say (& im not great with the tool) but i think its a great piece of equipment, but....
    there's always a but.
    from what i can see in the instructions & using the tool, there's a lot more to this MD802, i mean it does a lot more than just give trouble codes DTC. ( like freeze frame, live data. )

    I have looked at these other usage's & i can see my engine rev's & temp's, but i don't no what the others mean or how to put this to a use.
     Do a person using the tool like this need to go to a school to learn it.?
     If so is there a teacher that can teach me over this forums site page please.
     If not can a clever person that can use this tool inside & out (blind folded) on this forum site help me please, Id really like to be able to understand & use it like a pro' (not to make money from using it,  but i'm interested for my own personal use,)

    thank you all for reading, hope to talk to you soon.

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