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update not working all logos black

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    2019-08-23 15:31:00
     have updated my md802 and all the logos are now black not coloured manufacturers emblems as before.When i connect to my vehicle and select scan all i get is initializing come up.Left it about 15 mins then decided to give up.When i revert back to previous software everything works fine.Anybody any ideas.Thanks

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    2020-02-08 03:36:51 (Reply to:wardy205)

    Same problem,, after updating all logos are black,, I don't have backup saved

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    2020-02-29 16:12:10 (Reply to:wardy205)

     Hello. I have the same problem. After the update, MD802 doesn't work. Please, can you send me the older version of Volkswagen software, as I didn't backup it?
    Many thanks.

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    2020-03-09 16:02:36

     You are one step ahead of me I can't find how to update at all. Eg my unit shows BMW V2.30, on the website it shows current version V6.xx but how do you select it to update?
     There is no update box under my unit on the registered product page although somewhere it suggests there should be.
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