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Language, apps, and SD space issue

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    2021-04-04 04:01:47

    I have a Maxidiag Elite, S/N:MD8213010641, the tool was working in spanish language, yesterday I have updated the software and now is blocked at english language, please can you autorize the Spanish language?

    My machine came with a 4GB SD class 4 card, yesterday I copied the full contents of the SD, to a 8GbTranscend SD-HC, class 10 card, I updated all the software, but when installed the card the scanner won't powers up.

    On the original SD card there are some folders and files that indicates, the scanner supports: ABS, SRS, A/F, BMS, DPF, SAS, Throttle and TPMS services, can I activate all that functions on the Scanner?

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