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MaxiDiag MD808 Pro

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    night parrot
    2021-05-14 02:21:06
     Hi, I'm having difficulty setting a date on my MaxiDiag MD808 Pro.

    I've connected the unit to my car and followed this path:
    Service --> oil Reset --> European [only option] --> Porsche --> 9 Macan --> 1 Instrument Cluster [only option] --> 3 Special function --> 1 Reset maintenance [only option] --> a screen asking me to enter the current date --> a screen with  date box at the top and a keyboard at the bottom.

    The issue is, that I'm unable to navigate the keyboard to change the date. "help" on the same screen indicates the use of keys like F3 which are of course limited to computer keyboards.

    Can you help me with this please?
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