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Updated SD card will not boot in MD802 Maxidiag Elite.

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    2022-02-07 15:30:12
    I downloaded the PC Suit and inserted my SD card. The software informed me of a number of updates available to install which I went ahead and installed to the SD card. Once it had finished I ejected the card and inserted it into the device correctly. When power is applied to the device, nothing happens, just a blank screen.
    So I reformatted the SD card (FAT32) and went through the process of re-installing all the software to the card from PC Suit. No change, the device will not power on.

    What's gone wrong? What can I do now?

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    2022-02-11 21:01:46

     konektuj se na računar pc putem usb i instaliraj abdejte.

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    2022-02-16 12:17:53 (Reply to:ccw71)

     Mine old unit had a issue after taking out the card.

    It was under warranty so it went back.

    I suspect it was a poorly soldered joint as I managed to repair my friends by reflowing all the joints that looked bad. 

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    2022-02-20 19:06:06 (Reply to:ccw71)

     Hello today I encountered  the exact same issue just finding out if you managed to fix this?

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    Olubunmi Aroyehun

    2023-01-24 04:50:10 (Reply to:ccw71)

     Exactly the same thing happened to me. I know its not the unit itself because if I plug it in via the USB cable the unit lights up and asks for the memory disk. But once the memory disk is in, the unit turns into a cold brick. I bought this thing in 2016 and just did the upgrades last week thinking I would be getting a super duper improved scan tool. Now all I have is less than I did before the upgrade...which is a useless brick of plastic

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    2023-01-27 14:16:52 (Reply to:Olubunmi Aroyehun)

    Are you sure you inserted the sd card correctly? I updated mine allready three times
    and had no problem after installing sd card again.

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    2023-07-25 21:58:06 (Reply to:ccw71)

    After formatting did the re-installing process work correctly ?
    If yes, connect the SD card to your computer with USB connection.
    Check the contence of your SD card. You should have four directories: fonts,res,save and scan.
    Check the capacity of your SD card in "Properties". (righ button of your mouse) Is there still enough free space remaining?  If you have an 8GO then it could be full or allmost. The device itself needs also some space to fuction, and this could be the reason why it stays blank.
    In that case you need a 16GO. Copy all 4 directories from your actual SD card to your computer (one at the same time; NOT all at the same time). Format your new SD card and copy the four directories to the new one.
    Try again with PC Suite updates.
    Then connect SD card to your diag device.
    Good luck.

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    2023-08-07 00:36:23 (Reply to:Olubunmi Aroyehun)

     Similar to mine, I bought mine about 7 years ago and it was great for the cars I worked on.  But I now have a 2019 Jeep and thought I had better upgrade the for the latest software, now when it powers up it only shows Asia and there is no selection for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler or any other Mopar vehicles.  Still trying to find any other software that will work or maybe even buy some cheap thing off Ebay and scrap the Autel because it is useless now.

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    2023-10-14 14:59:56 (Reply to:UNEVANO)

    Hi,it only works on cars older than 2018. Even with the latest update.

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    2024-03-07 01:56:22 (Reply to:)

     Only supports up to 2018!!  That is disappointing for sure.
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