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Not saving

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    2023-01-31 13:00:07
     Hi all
    When I perform a full scan and I save it, I name it and save, I get the saved ok confirmation, when I go to playback there are no files saved, so I can't review or print.
    Am I missing something?

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    2023-02-08 17:59:38 (Reply to:SteveShaw)

    Hi, the way you explain this it should work,try another scanner if you can find
    somebody who owns one and look if it give the same results.

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    2023-07-25 20:56:43 (Reply to:SteveShaw)

     Hi Steve,
    Check if there is enough space remaining on your SD card. If you have an 8 GO it could be full after some updates. You can check this by connecting your SD card directly on your computer with an USB connection. Look in "properties" (right button of your mouse or Thinkpad) It will show you the remaining capacity of your SD card.
    When this is the case, replace it by a 16GO.
    Proceed as follows:
    - Download  the contence of your actual SD card on your computer.  Make a copy-paste of each directory one after the other. There are four of them: fonts, res, save,scan.
    - Format your new SD card to FAT32 format. (avoid fast formatting)
    - Copy-paste in the same way the four directories from your computer on your new SD card.
    - Now try again to save a full scan.

    Hope it's helpfull.


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