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No Updates anymore

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    2023-06-19 21:20:59
    It's not a shame, it's a disgrace that there are no more updates for my maxidiag Elite. I bought it four years ago and it's already obsolete? The only Elite thing about it is that you spend your money on something that you can throw away after a couple of years.  Just because they refuse to provide update?  If they don't bother to provide updates, then they should give me a device that I can update. No more Autel for me.

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    2023-07-25 20:06:13 (Reply to:Joska)

     Updates are still available today, tomorrow and after tomorrow. Even next year.
    All information is available on this webside. You just have to make an effort to find the information.
    You have to download and install PC Suite version V1.38 on your computer. 
    But it seems to be too late....

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    2023-10-02 02:02:35 (Reply to:GJD)

    I hate that I can't update with the free update I was promised

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    2023-11-21 11:20:29 (Reply to:)


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    2024-03-07 01:52:50 (Reply to:GJD)

     I tried PC Suite version 1.40 just now.  Trying to update the BMW software and it still showing version 6.01 and can not scan G01 X3 model.

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    2024-05-12 08:23:43

    I have the same issue. To some of the car makes the software found an update, but not all. For example Volvo, I have the "latest" software version but the latest choosable model of car in the tool is produced in 2017.

    I use PC Suite 1.42

    Have you found a solution?

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    2024-06-08 16:02:39 (Reply to:holmsjon)

    Hi, you only have to download PC suite on your PC, if this is done successfully you
    must insert the SD card in the PC and remove all the existing information from it, after
    this you can put the new information than released on your SD card ,this will take some
    time, and the new information will not be younger as2018 model year.if you want a
    device that will cover the year2024 you need to get a much more expensive equipment.
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