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Need MP408 PC Software - Autel Web Page has file for scanners not Maxiscope MP408

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    Don Agneta
    2022-07-02 05:53:50
     Just got my MP408 Maxiscope, the link that came in the box is wrong, found 2 different locations on Autel site for this, one link has no other files for the scope other than the andirod file you put on thier scanners, nothing else, no PC software, the other has the software for Maxilink II scanners. Its Friday July 1st, got this after 6 PM, can't get software to make it run, no I have to wait till next Tuesday , 5 days from now as Monday is a holiday. Totally screwed as I need this tonight, I am so screwed. How hard is it for Autel to actually put the correct software on the products page. Two different locations are totally messed up and Autel is clueless its happening. I'm the only person in the world that tried to do this, so hard, downright impossible to believe.

    Well if anyone has this posted somewhere I can download it from I'd be very appreciative if you could get back to me, sent message to Autel but they wont see that till next Tuesday, I am so screwed. I should have gotten a Pico Scope, this is what happens when you try to save money. You get what you paid for, garbage.
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