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    2015-09-07 09:47:02
     ok guys, I have a TS501 unit. heres the question(s). is this unit compatible with the EZ-sensor made by Schrader? 

    im starting to think that it is not, but i cant find in writing anywhere where it clearly states yes or no. 

    i know that the 501 will work with the clamp in style VDO redi sensor, as i have used these multiple times. but i dont want to run into anymore problems if a vehicle happens to come in with the ez sensors. trying to figure out if im doing something wrong, or if I need to get a different tpms unit. 
    and while were on the subject, what is the MX style sensor? is that a brand made exclusively by autel?

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    Autel Support

    2015-12-03 08:59:05 (Reply to:btl802)

     Sir, you can check the function list on our website:

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    2016-11-13 20:05:32 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     Autel tpms scan tools can only program mx senosrs, if i would have known i would never have bought it. owner of a ts601, paid over $1000 for it and would like to return it!!!

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    2023-09-28 22:27:23 (Reply to:btl802)

     I would agree with Jeremy in that it only programs blank Autel MX sensors.  I don't understand why they cannot integrate other brands of sensors into their software, as Mac Tools, Matco, and Snap-on can.
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