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Ver 2.68 Tested

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    2016-07-08 23:29:47
     Let me say Thank You Autel for the fixes in ver. 2.68. I have read of and experienced the slow or no response from different sensors. I just tested ver. 2.67 on a 2008 accord and my TS401 would only read 2 of the 4 known to be working sensors and it took nearly 30 seconds to read the 2 it did read. It never received data from the other 2. I updated to ver. 2.68 and immediately repeated the same test on the same vehicle and ver. 2.68 immediately read all 4 Honda sensors accurately. I also tested it on a 2008 F-350 SD with the same response, immediate and accurate data response. Also tested 315 MHz Ford and 433MHz RKE FOBS and they also worked reliably. Unfortunately I can't say it often but I can say Thank You on this update.

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    2016-07-09 00:45:23 (Reply to:FX4)

        I agree.   I think for the last 3 updates, my TS401 has been "broken".   It was pretty much useless, and I was just using it to trigger a sensor so that the TPMS controller would see it.    I used to get something like "Sensor triggered, but cannot be known". 

    I used it on a 2015 Prius, and it retrieves data within seconds of pushing the test button.   I was able to get data from a 2010 Corolla without a problem.   A 2007 Jetta took a few seconds longer, but it worked.  A 2014 Cube took a little while, but it read the data.   I believe it's fixed, and I'll be hesitant to upgrade from this point. 

    I tried it on a 2015 Honda CRV, and it reported no sensors.  Does this vehicle use the ABS sensors for TPMS?
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