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update maxitpms ts401

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    2016-08-10 13:22:35
     anybody could help me how to update maxitpms ts401 bec. i'm using here in middle east (Saudi Arabia) but its seems not working the new US and EU version update software...  

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    2016-08-12 13:07:25 (Reply to:ayed_salamah)

    From the best of my memory

    You need to first install the Max Link 2 software on a windows PC.
     You need to have your TS 401 charged up preferably overnight with the provided AC adapter.
     With a Virus and malware free Windows PC with a good high speed internet connection , go to the web page and download the latest TS 401   update, (This is the web link I see in USA) and unzip and save it to a folder on your desktop so you can find it.
      Open up the Max Link 2 program , select TPMS, select TS401.
      Turn on your TS401 and set to update mode and attach TS401 to the pc with provided USB cable.
      On  Max Link 2 Program , Select update program , Browse , find and select either the European Union( or the  USA folder) NOT BOTH, extract.
       Note After that completes , On the Max Link 2 also select update DTC.
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