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What sensors can I activate

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    2016-08-22 22:35:33
    I need to replace a TPMS wheel sensor on a 2013 Ford Escape. What sensors can I use? I have TS401 with a Maxi 708.

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    2016-08-22 23:31:08 (Reply to:JimV.)

      It's not that hard to do. It can read the hex code of a new sensor if the new sensor does not already come with a label with the sensor ID  , but you need a capable scan tool to edit the old sensor ID to the new sensor ID to the module of the vehicle that handles the TPMS functions.I think you should be able to do it with a DS708.,2013,escape,2.0l+l4+turbocharged,1503982,wheel/tire,tire+pressure+monitoring+system+(tpms)+sensor,12036

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    2016-08-23 01:43:33

       You can buy a new replacement OEM sensor and value stem with shipping for less than $15US from or eBay.    These sensors come with unique ID, so your TS401 will allow you to retrain the car with the new part.

    Ford sensors are designed to last for 10 years or 150,000 miles.  Best to just replace the one that's bad.  If you replace the tires, just replace the valve stems only.   
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