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TPMS won't open after the update.

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    2017-06-05 00:35:22
    Just got the ts601 last week, did the last update this weekend by the sdcard. Put the sdcard back in the TS601 did the update on the machine and froze at the screen ''Press any button to continue to the main menu,'' try to press any button and did nothing so I waited till the battery die. The next morning I charged it and after a while try to put it back on the screen won't light up and when I pressed the button I heard the ''Bip, Bip'' on each button. So I let it die once again and charge it again, put the sdcard out, then the screen light up but asking me to put back the sdcard in and on the buttom left I saw the version of the software ''V2.61'' so I put the sdcard in and the screen shut off but I continue to hear every sound when I touch any key on the board. If someone can help me it would be appreciated. 

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    2017-06-05 04:12:52 (Reply to:mo2163)

    Autel Support recommend: Long press the power button to turn if off. You can also try to format SD card and re-install software if the S/N is within update period. 
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