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Problem TPMS Opel Astra J 2014

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    2019-08-14 21:27:45
    Today I did a diagnostic TPMS car Opel Astra J 2014 year of production, region of Europe. I used the tool TS601 Autel.
    I had the problem:
    1.Tire Sensors showed normal pressure and temperature correctly.
    2. When connecting the tool to the OBD2 shows Status of TPMS is OK. 
    3. Error codes not found - all OK. 
    4.Car on the display shows tire pressure, and it corresponds to the pressure on the manometer. 

    But the car's warning lights up on the display "check tire pressure in the left front and left rear. Run-flat tyres indicator and lights up. Autel TS601 tool  menu 
    WriteTire Type/Pressure offers you to select and configure the Tire Type and Tire Pressure on Placard. I chose the Pressure 228kpa/33psi, Tire Type - Standard Load. Then I did a test drive at a speed exceeding 40 km/h. Warning check tire pressure has not died down. Question for you: what is the reason and what am I doing wrong? I beg help! Thank you.
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