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"TPS Prog Limit"

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    2019-10-04 00:48:41
    On my new MaxiTPMS TS408, the System Setup screen's last item (10) has TPS Prog Limit, which is not explained in the Manual. When clicking Y, the window has 1 Prog Pressure<=69Kpa (On) and 2 Prog Pressure (Off). There is no further options or ways to change settings and using Y or N returns to System Setup screen.

    Does anybody know what this function does?

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    2019-10-04 01:39:49 (Reply to:BigArt)

     The TS608, TS508 and TS601 can reset tire pressure threshold. However, the ability to perform this function is dependent on the vehicle. Not all vehicles support this function. For (TPS) Tire Type/Pressure selection Tool comparison

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    2019-10-24 02:56:07 (Reply to:BigArt)

     I don't know what question promaster is answering, but the program pressure on/off will give you the ability to program the sensor installed and the tire filled with over 70kpa/10psi of air. so if its "on" you won't be able to program the sensor unless its less has less than 10psi, and if its set to "off" you can have the pressure set to lets say 35psi and it will program.....try it for your self....autel does have a valid reason for doing this... mainly for programming sensors that have not been installed, but for those that are in a hurry to get things done quickly, sometimes someone might install the sensor before programming and set the tire when you have more than 10psi and you have that feature set to on the sensor will not program until the pressure is below 10psi/70kpa or you set that feature to "off"... hope this helps you out


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    2020-12-05 01:39:35 (Reply to:BigArt)

      I agree with Bill. I found that I could not reprogram the MX sensors after the tires were installed and inflated. I received  "Prog Limit (-8)" message. I had to turn the option off on my TS508 then they reprogrammed just fine (the sensors were programmed once with random serial #s but I needed to clone them for a set of winter tires).

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    2021-11-23 16:37:45 (Reply to:billymck)

     Hi Bill,

    that's a perfect answer for everyone. One little Question: Is there any disadvantage combined with switching this option to "Off"?
    For example a risk of an offset in sensor pressure data?
    I'm just wondering why the 69psi border was set as a default in the past.

    Greetings, Tobi
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