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testing of TPMS without pressure / without tire?

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    2019-10-10 19:03:28
     Is it possible to test a sensor without fixed on a wheel and be under pressure?
    I have 3 TMPS Sensors (2 different types) on wheels without a tires on it.
    No one could be tested or found with TS401.
    I used the "tool-kit / RKE&RF Monitor", and also choose by car-selection a car where these sensors are used.
    No result ! No Signal, no 

    Is there a switch inside the sensor, to activate the sensor only if there is some pressure, to save the lifetime of the batterie?
    The TS401 was working well, with other tires with pressure inside.
    the not working sensors actually are: Schrader IFDF49/3061 and 2 Huf TSSRE4Ud

    Thanks for feedback

    @H/W Ver: V3,00 / S/W Ver: V5.55GL

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    2019-10-20 19:42:06
     Today I had a 4 wheels.
    2 of it with appr. 1 bar or less, These were not able to scan, when I increased the pressure to 2bar, one was able to scan.

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    2020-02-14 14:34:39 (Reply to:EPunz)

    I believe Un-programmed programmable TPMS sensors that are not Autel's own brand  MX sensors cannot be read or programmed by an Autel TPMS tool due to authorization and licensing issues. Once the other brand TPMS sensors are programmed by their respective brand TPMS tool, then Autel tools will be able to read them , maybe some programmed ones can't be read either at zero psi. 

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    2020-05-26 19:17:48 (Reply to:witsend)
     you are Right, the TPMS are not autel ones.
    But it seems to me, that there is some Kind of pressure switch or Gravitation sensor inside which activate the Batterie.
    Otherwise the Batterie is going weak during Holding on stock.
    So first time pressure will activate the sensor a capacity will hold the power for a while, of the pressure Drops.
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