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Help, TS601 won't let me register, or do anything else.

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    2019-11-10 18:29:06
     I bought a TS408 and registered it this week, it couldn't do what I need it to so I purchased a TS601 after talking to a Autel rep who said it should. I just received it today and wanted to register and update it, after plugging it in to the computer it asked if it could change the ID and I clicked yes, after that the unit stopped working and said vehicle authoriztion not allowed, obtain vehicle authorization and shows  OK in the bottom left. no button I push is accepted, and it wont let me register it online as well, needless to say I am not very happy at this point after spending a total of about $500 for the 2 devices of which one is inadequate and the other is not working.

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    2020-01-11 20:04:14 (Reply to:Truckmanson1978)

    I have exactly the same problem. I'm trying to get ahold of support. If I figure anything out I will try to come back and post it here

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    2020-04-01 15:39:21

     Just a shot in the dark.  Yesterday I got the 601 and wanted to update it which meant getting a log in etc.  This is my first device. When it came to registering the new unit, it asked for SN and password.  I thought it meant the password I used to log in on the site.  Seems the password they want is specific to each device.  It's not the one to log into the site, it listed in (if I remember right) the about section on the device itself where you can also see the serial number.  It took me a little bit to figure that out.

    Since you have a device already you may know this but I thought I'd throw that out there.
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