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"Are you sure to delete the TPMS data (Y/N)?"

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    2021-01-27 04:38:06
    Recently my TS401 wouldn't allow me to access functions because of the message " Are you sure to delete the TPMS data (Y/N)?" even when pressing Y or N, it wouldnt go away. So I started by updating software, succesfully did to version 5.59, but now if I unplug the USB it will always turn on in Update mode, if I plug the USB it turns on in the main menu but each time I select any of the menu options it shows again "Are you sure to delete the TPMS data (Y/N)?"

    Please help

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    2021-01-27 17:31:46 (Reply to:JorgeZapata)

     Hi. Try my method in post :
    Звуковая функция ограничена 200 символами

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    2021-01-28 15:16:30 (Reply to:alex_pivtorak)
     Hi, I tried several times your method, but it still starts in PROGRAM MODE, however if I start it with USB it does seem to power on right, but as soon as I start going through the menu the "ARE YOU SURE TO DELETE DATA" appears and seem to block functions.

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    2023-07-14 08:57:58 (Reply to:JorgeZapata)

     Hi, I'm having same issue. Did you find a solution or is the device bricked?. Thank you in advance
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