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OBD Relearn doesn't work for Suzuki Vitara 2021 - TS601

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    Sasa Petrovic
    2022-12-16 23:36:40
    I am quite disappointed with TS601.
    OBD Relearn doesn't work with Suzuki Vitara 2021.
    Also, when I try to do OBD relearn, TS601 says that I need to bring another device to trigger sensors on wheels.
    Why? Sensors are already read by the TS601 and I have all new IDs in memory. I tried to go next wheel, next wheel but nothing happens. I am receiving message that OBD relearn is successfully done but it's not.
    Old IDs are still written in car ECU.
    What is happening here?
    Do I need one more tool (same) to do this simple job!?
    Sensors are active upon reading IDs from them.
    Also, I can see that nobody is answering here anything in forum so most likely this is just waste of time :(.
    I wanted to purchase a lot of diagnostic tool from Autel but with this kind of's unprofessional.

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