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TS508WF updates fail?

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    2023-02-10 17:17:05
      When updating via WiFi, updates seem to always fail at some point. I do the update, it wants to update Diag to 1.92. Then it fails saying something about bad WiFi. The WiFi is good, the other modules (manager, sensor) updated fine.

    Funny thing is, I can then try to update via USB, and Maxi PC Suite says no updates are available, and Diag is already at version 1.92.

    If I try again via WiFi, same thing happens, it wants to update to Diag 1.92, but fails. Finally, I used Maxi PC Suite to uninstall, then reinstall Diag 1.92, and now when trying a WiFi update, it says  "Latest version No need update".

    So, it seems that a WiFi update doesn't handle Diag properly, and Maxi PC Suite doesn't recognize when an update install failed. Also, Autel is inconsistent - Maxi PC Suite calls the software modules "manager/sensor/Diag", but in the TS508 "About" screen, they're called "Sys Software/Sensor/Vehicle". Ugh.

    Also, does anyone know what the envelope icon is in the status bar at the top of the screen means? I couldn't find it in the manual.

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    Jody Bryant

    2023-06-14 15:27:03

      I had issues updating mine either by wifi or usb at first. But I chose to uninstall all packages and reinstall them and it went through no issues that time around. Updating seems to be a little flaky to me and takes some fiddling to get everything updated.  The mail icon means that there is data from a test that had been performed.
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