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TS601 doesn't complete the relearn process

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    Matthew Matejka
    2023-03-25 11:35:35
    Hi. I hope someone knows what to do please?

    I have the TS601 which I bought for my 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander and I need to change tyres frequently from summer tyres to winter tyres so I need a tool that's simple and works.

    I just tried my new TS601 and the following happened:

    1/ Successfully triggered all 4 sensors and loaded the sensor data into the TS601
    2/ Plugged into the OBD and turned the car on, the TS601 seems to have communicated the data on the relearn process to the car.
    3/. This is where it fails, the TS601 then instructs me to activate the sensors with another tool! This doesn't seem right as the TS601 is meant to do the job itself?

    4/ I then went to Autel's website and the internet in general to look for tips and as you will all know these search engines just want to sell you more things or show you irrelevant stuff not matching the search I put in, so no luck.

    I tried again and went for a drive thinking the drive will activate all sensors, but that just resulted in failure. I'm now going to try deflating the tyres when it says activate the sensor but that feels wrong.

    If anyone can give me a tip I'd appreciate it.

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     Replying to myself to help others who might read this in the future:

    It was 100% necessary to have a 2nd tool to do this Relearn which might be Mitsubishi specific I don't know. The TS601 has to be plugged into the OBD during the whole process making it impossible to complete the relearn with the TS601 alone.

    I was lucky in that I also own a TS401 from another vehicle I bought a few years ago so I dug that out and was able to use it as the trigger tool to enable the relearn process to go all the way through.

    In the end it only took 5 mins but I don't think the people who create these tools and processes understand just how difficult they've made them for the average home mechanic.

    Probably that they don't want it to seem easy....more money for the industry that way.

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