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Can hardware of older MaxiSys Platforms support some newer MaxiSys Platform software features?

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    2021-09-24 17:05:27
    I would think that more updates for  older Maxi Sys platforms might get purchased if they offered some of the benefits of the  newer platforms  like Topography, four sensor pid graph merging, and built in paid for 1yr Auto Auth automatic registration , eliminating need for use of the 8 +12 cable use except in cases of Immobilizer key programming when you don't possess LSID.

      Another thing is maybe with a plastic adhesive conductor contact strip on the bottom of any platform with a short charger cord jumper and selective  spacers, Autel could sell a Universal Docking station, that could work with most models that didn't  include a docking station.
      On the newer MS909, MS919, and MaxiSys Ultra, I don't see a nice small Illuminated VCI 100 included along with the units yet like  a Maxi Sys Elite offers. I don't believe the small VCI 100 is compatible with the later units for some reason or other, possibly because the  newer unit VCI connectivity is some sort of WIFI Direct instead of Blue Tooth, I'm not certain of that, but it would be nice if Autel would have an equivalent of a VCI 100 for the MS909, 919, and Ultra because honestly most techs prefer not to carry scope all the time and a small dongle would save wear and tear on that scope,   and Tablet could still be used with the small dongle VCI should the  scope or Jbox need repair.
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