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problem by storage

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    2023-03-01 02:41:46
    Hi, my im508 shows a message about storage. Now I install a micro SD card of 32 GB, but, when I try to update my apk, can't install all the app because shows again the same message. What can I do?

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    2023-04-12 17:31:59 (Reply to:)

      Hi, If your original SD card has a 32 GB capacity, you have to replace it by a 64GB.

    Before using the new card, you have to copy all the contence of your 32 GB SD card on your new 64 GB.
    First, make a copy on your computer. All files and directories have to be copied exactly as on the original SD card.
    Then you have to prepare your new SD card by a formatting process (FAT32). Disable fast formatting option is recommended.
    Now you can copy, exactly as on the original SD card, all the stored data from your computer on your 64GB SD card.  
    Try again to update.

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