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md808pro by user : ArturOpel
  Tags : md808pro 2023-12-08
he language is not authorized. Please obtain the authorization by user :
608 by user : artem lapshin
no secreted chip or software unauthorized by user : MattJordan
TS501 Change to german language not Authorized by user : Igor Hrabar
  Tags : language ts501 2023-05-05
Authorized by user : dmx
Maxidas DS708; the language is not authorized; change from English to German by user : Munga
  Tags : The language is not authorized; change language, Autel Maxidas DS708 2015-07-21
anyone have any idea why my maxicheck is saying the vehicle program is not authorized. Please obatin authourization by user : jpguidera
Authorized Dealers by user : dzldanz
  Tags : maxisys, Maxiscan 2023-02-11
Can't change language of Autel Maxicom MK808 Ts by user :
  Tags : language 2023-02-11
how to change the language? by user : Manuel Curi
how can I change the language of the MaxisSys application ? by user :
Good afternoon. I bought your 501 device. Two questions immediately appeared: 1. I can’t set the Russian language in it, writes language not authorized Please obtain the authorization. How I do it. by user : Konstanttin Rzhevkin
Language change from english to spanish by user :
  Tags : maxisys Maxiscan problems 2021-12-08
ds708 the vehicle program is not authorized. how to obtain authorization ? by user : thundercat