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Is user forum truly helpful?

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    2021-04-20 13:55:50
     In researching brands of scanners I am trying out those things advertised on the sales literature before actually buying. It appears that the majority of user forum posts "never" get any answer at all. Most posts show "zero" replies. Does Autel Tech Support monitor the posts? Some of them complain about the devices either "will not connect" or "will not perform function". 
    This makes me question accuracy of the stated functions of an Autel product.

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    2021-07-27 02:37:14 (Reply to:BryanHazel)

                    They do limited monitoring of forum or at least it seems that way. Have been using their products since 2015 and most things work but not 100 percent or used to work but got deleted or messed up with updates. All scanners have this issue though if you look at forums of other scan tools. I personally don't look to them for using with J2534 as not validated most manufacturers in USA market. Doesn't mean it won't work though. I just have the 906BT and previously MS905 which both are well rounded for functionality and coverage. My biggest disappointment is always complete data list for example 2018 Land Rover,Range Rover engine data had to be over 200-300 PID's kinda time consuming to find what your looking for quickly just to verify Oxygen sensor operation. Most shops keep some kind of snap on scanner for simplicity and Autel for more special functions after that it depends on your business model if you need specialty scanners or OEM
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