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MaxiDiag Elite MD802 updates

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    2021-12-09 11:57:58
     When was the last update for the MaxiDiag Elite MD802?  

    There's been nothing to update on mine for months!

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    2021-12-11 18:57:06 (Reply to:GaryP)

     Same with the MD806, what gives?

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    2021-12-17 21:18:16 (Reply to:CorporateOffRoader)
     I was hoping one of the moderators would have commented!

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    2022-01-20 23:36:16

     they don't support updates anymore for this unit which is disappointing when they developed this unit to be future proof  ,(advice given when i bought this unit years ago), i have found autel appalling for support unless you use your local dealer   

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    2022-01-22 01:33:29 (Reply to:GaryP)

    Any idea how to get the download that was released 9 months ago? It has been a couple of years for me. I went to autel site and downloaded the PC suite as the MD802 was included in that list, but i assume just for connecting to my PC which isnt really what i want unless it has a software update section in it. ( It also seemed very shady as it brought up a bunch of dos windows with only chinese writing which was unusual , and also it does not connect using the usb. 
    My issue is that I have a 2017 optima that is not recognized by either of my autel scanners. 
    Thanks for any info.

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    2022-08-26 14:57:25 (Reply to:michaelbragg)

     Yes, very disappointing.  
    Will never buy Autel again, having spent hard earned cash on the full-version 802

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    Don Warren

    2022-08-28 16:14:10

     Disgusting. The whole reason I bought Autel was because I thought their name represented quality. I thought that would protect against becoming obsolete! They obviously don't care about continuing to serve the customers that got them where they are... They have abandoned us...
    DON'T BUY AUTEL, you are throwing your money away!!!  A few years from now they'll expect you to buy a new one.  Never again.

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    2022-09-23 20:57:29

    I was led to believe that this unit was going to be supported in the long term.
    I am disgusted and I will never buy from Autel again, I have been trying for updates for some time now, never having been notified that the service has been discontinued. Furious now to see this.
    Do not buy from these people, buy from a reputable company.

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    Heath Fairley

    2022-12-23 17:25:35 (Reply to:liam)

    Sure nice of Autel for keeping all these comments from unhappy customers of their MD802 product as we can't get ANY updates for it any longer! 

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    2022-12-24 17:50:22 (Reply to:Heath Fairley)

    Hi, do not worry autel just changed the way to update your md802, you can see some
    instruction video how to do this from autel on you tube and google, when it is updated
    you are able to service cars than to 2018 for some models.
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