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TS401 New updates V2.40 on Autel's website

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    2014-03-12 09:18:25
     New software update are online at autel's website for the TS401.  Just a note I tried to install updates on a windows 8.1 machine and it will not see the TS401.  According to their site, it says use XP, 2000, or Vista.  I installed software on an XP machine and it updated with no issues.

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    2014-03-12 10:01:14 (Reply to:Dave08902)

     maybe using compatibility mod on pc mite help with windows 8.1 

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    2014-09-04 20:03:21 (Reply to:Dave08902)

     Mine is brand new have not even used it and I am sending it back, if is this hard to update and you can't get support from Autel, it's junk. Better off buying a Snap On, at least you have quality and a good know product.
    This is why it is so cheap, because it is junk.

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    national auto

    2014-09-27 09:25:16

     Downloaded file and when i try to install it says wrong file ?

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    2014-10-13 06:13:45 (Reply to:national auto)

     When you run Maxilink, you need to select the TPMS tab and then select TS401.  It is defaulted to a scanner when you start the program.  There is an updated version 2.42 on auteltech website that includes some 2014 models

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    Autel Support

    2014-10-28 20:50:09 (Reply to:Mech5455)


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    Wild Bill

    2014-11-01 14:01:23 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    Will this update work on windows 8.1? I have had an issue with updating as well. I do
    not agree with a previous statement mentioned above as " this is junk .". The shop I
    work at has Snap-on scanners and tpms tools. But everyne wants to use my ts401 or
    my maxisys pro. Sorry Snap-on. Maxisys does way more and is a more complete
    tool. I do wish there was better access to support as this is a very mauch complained
    problem. I even talked my Dad in this tools (which owns a very prosperous mobile
    diadnostic repair business and teaches diagnostics ) but has complained about the
    support for the tool issues. All scanners have weak areas. I have used so many
    different scanners ( including dealer )and found this aftermarket one the most
    complete and close to! dealer operations.

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    Wild Bill

    2014-11-01 14:03:26 (Reply to:Wild Bill)

    I have been on the phone literally for hours on hold with no one ever picking up. I really
    want to get this ts401 updated. Please help !!!!!!

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    Autel Support

    2014-11-30 23:54:06 (Reply to:Wild Bill)

     Please go to In TPMS part, you can see update pack of TS401.
    And please update it on windows 7, XP, 2000, vista. Currently, it's not supported by windows 8.

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    Wild Bill

    2014-12-16 07:08:41 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    You can update on windows 8.1. you have to disable the signature driver then install
    the software supplied with the tpms download update pack and install. You can find
    how to disable the signature driver by google search. Hope this helps. Did for me !
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