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    2016-07-16 19:52:11

    Can any one tell me if the TS401 will activate/trigger gm/vauxhall wheel sensors like the ateq vt30 does.

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    2016-07-16 22:03:19 (Reply to:Howie)

     I just scrolled thru the menus of the latest version and didn't see Vauxhall anywhere in there. Unless it would be a sensor common to other GMs it may not. But if it's a common sensor then it should activate it. I suspect the menus in the TS401 have more to do with the instructions displayed on the help screens than the actual activation frequency being transmitted by the device. If you are basing a possible purchase on the responses here then I'd wait for support to respond. I would advise patience, they don't seem to get in a hurry. I know they love it when I say that but that's been my experience.

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    2016-07-17 08:57:16 (Reply to:Howie)

    The EU version of the software contains Opel/Vauxhall and therefore it should work.

    If you have the US version installed, get the update and install the EU (Firmware + DTC).
    You can later re-install the US parts, it is all in the update archive file.

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    2016-07-20 21:08:24 (Reply to:fware)
     Does anyone from support have a view on this? And thanks to those who have replied much appreciated.

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    2016-07-26 14:34:19 (Reply to:Howie)

     Chances are if you selected  any GM model with 315mhz? sensor  and the tried and it don't work , find another GM model listed that use the other typical mhz? range. I don't even see why you  need  that Vauxhall data base, when you could probably take the tool put in on RKE mode , use the round exciter magnet on the sensor and maybe if the sensor works maybe if the TS401 is close it would  pick up and display the RKE frequency that the sensor works at. If not , go to the Rock auto web site and look up Vauxhall make, model year , and TPMS sensor and the info should tell you the frequency of the sensors listed. Select another GM model of the same year that uses sensors that transmit on the same frequency and you should be able to read the hex code of each sensor.
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