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indash light

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    norm lavoie
    2021-11-25 15:19:25
     How do I get my indash tpms light to go off after activating all 4 sensors in my winter wheels?  I dont know what to do after the activation...? thx

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    2021-11-26 16:11:48 (Reply to:norm lavoie)

    Need a little more information, but what it sounds like, you programmed new sensors with the TS401, but you did not learn them to your car.

    Depending on the car, there should be an option to relearn the tires.  I know GM products have that feature (basically going to the pressure display and holding down the checkmark until "Tire Learning Active" appears.  then you would go to each tire in sequence (LF, RF, RR, LR) with your TS401 and press the button on the tool to the position.  GM cars will honk once each corner is learned then honk twice when all 4 are done.  Newer GM products will even light up the signal light of the corner of the car that it is waiting to learn.

    If its not a GM vehicle, there should be a procedure in your manual to help you with the process.
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