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Suggestions of reporting software issues

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    2015-05-16 11:08:56 (Reply to:ede65)

     welcome back ede65!!!!

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    2015-05-17 03:26:00 (Reply to:ede65)

     hi ede65 nice to see you back, i have not tried yet but is it possible to restore individual makes via backup do you simply cut and paste a module.

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    2015-05-18 03:16:01

    Type of equipment: Maxisys 908 Pro
    Serial Number: V09G40302794
    Brand and version: Audi 2.31
    Car information: Audi A4 1.9 TDI 1998 WAUZZZ8DZWA145051
    Country: Portugal
    Problem: Don't find the Pin Code
    Description of the problem: I've tried in several cars, from different years, from 1997 to 2001, and never could read the PIN CODE. This is a very useful tool please review this issue.

    Have sent a datalog

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    2015-05-18 09:34:18 (Reply to:busaman)

     yes if you already have a back up made there is no purpose to keep backing up the whole thing just copy and paste the new updates to the old folders as they are released. you may also create folders and date it. if an issue arises you will know which version was messed up. don't cut and paste that will delete the original folder if I understood correctly.

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    2015-05-18 12:10:22 (Reply to:ede65)

     im not sure we are talking about the same thing ok if i upgrade from v1.4 honda to v2.0 and i find v2.0 is hacked to death if i copied v1.4 can i simply replace v2.0.

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    2015-05-18 16:01:39 (Reply to:busaman)

      sorry yes we are talking about 2 different things. yes you can put 1.4 back and replace it but don't get rid of the 2.0 save it somewhere.

    what tool are you using hoda version is 3.40 at the moment

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    2015-05-21 09:13:40

      Suzuki , not communicate with any module . Uninstall the software many times still same thing.  GM update to lastest version and got Bug. When you try to read the vehicle code, it load up all the codes for the car maybe 40 codes.  Even though the car might have 1 or 2 fault codes .

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    2015-05-23 11:34:54 (Reply to:tientran909)

     Hi will not code injectors on a 2007 transit 2.2 dosnt come up with the page to put the new codes in.told them about this 6 months ago still not fixed.regards mike

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    2015-05-24 04:58:39

     software: online , sign in, your issue
    function: select car maker

    where are the European car makers/brands? Noticed this before but no-one seems to fix this

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    2015-05-30 18:09:18

    Vin Reading option on Ford is reading wrong way around I mean its reading from back to front.............for example if vin number is 123456789........this is reading as 987654321.........I have already sand the log data files hope support team fixes this error soon..........
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