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Suggestions of reporting software issues

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    2016-12-19 07:20:28 (Reply to:witsend)

     there are very few replies to anything from autel thier PR  is rubbish most of the answers are from other members..

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    2017-01-04 12:04:00 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     hi i have a maxisys 908 serial number V09G30202041 I have register my device recently and am not getting any download update or software

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    2017-02-21 16:15:37 (Reply to:ede65)

      As most of the usual users can tell , Autel Support has not offered Support from off the user forum answering any questions (at least posting replies to the questions on the forum) since last year in September. I think that Autel should at least have a forum moderator for the sake of Damage Control and public perspective of this Companies offering after sale tech support for it's products , and to direct users to the proper channels to get their problem resolved in a timely matter. There are still good people who care that work for this company.
    This user forum should not  be considered the go to place for seeking Technical help from support reporting  problems with your tablet or your software. Please continue to submit data logs when possible for problems encountered, and first seek support through E mails and phone for at least 14 days to resolve the soft ware issues before venting about your problem on the user forum before exhausting the other 2 avenues and document dates, times, and take names if possible.

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    2017-03-01 01:32:43

    I have 2

    Type of equipment: Maxisys Elite
    Serial Number: V09R50102928
    Brand and version: GM V9.90
    Car information: 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain 4WD VIN# 3GTU2VEC5EG213010
    Country: USA
    Problem: Does not calibrate Steering angle sensor
    Description of the problem:  Traction light w/ C0710-4B: Power steering signal calibration not learned.
    On the Elite I went under Steering Angle Module but the only options given are ECU info and trouble codes - No Fault codes. So next I went into the Electronic Brake Control Module >> Special Functions >> Performed Steering Angle Sensor Relearn >> Goes in a progress bar and says "Procedure has been successfully completed" and light/DTC stay on.
    I purchased a 3 day OE GDS subscription, went into the STEERING ANGLE SENSOR MODULE (not EBCM) and performed the same function and was able to clear the light.

    Type of equipment: Maxisys Elite
    Serial Number: V09R50102928
    Brand and version: Infiniti v5.31
    Car information: 2013 Infiniti M37 VIN# JN1BYAPXDM513180
    Country: USA
    Problem: No communication with Airbag module
    Description of the problem: Airbag light was flashing, communicates with every module except Airbag, plugged in my DS708 and communicates just fine. Retrieved codes, live data, etc.

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    2017-03-18 08:52:59 (Reply to:Emmanuel89)

     Help menu should be available on every menu on the maxisys

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    2017-04-06 23:28:24 (Reply to:Emmanuel89)

     I'm in the same boat as this guy. Could not program the Steering Angle Sensor on a 2014 Impala Limited and a 2013 Silverado Hybrid. Broke out my Tech 2 and did it in a flash (set the Impala as a 2013). I'm using the Maxisys Elite updated to the latest version as of this post. This feature is definitely broken.

    Also another vehicle issue:
    Type of equipment: Maxisys Elite
    Brand and version: Benz (latest as of this date)
    Car information: 1997 Mercedes E420 
    Country: USA
    Problem: Live Data Problem
    Description of the problem:  While using the 38-pin Mercedes connector under the hood, I am able to load the the Live Data for Engine, but none of the parameters are visible or update. Live Engine Data is also showing this as having only 6 cylinders when it is a V8. 

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    2019-10-05 18:49:20

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    2020-01-23 11:10:13 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    Can I reset ( virgin) and program a used ISM shift module to fit my 2009 Mercedes e 350cdi with my MK908p

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    2021-01-11 19:12:57

     A request error occurred as my device (my908p) and I requested (ms908p) from the website
    The order should have been rejected after making sure that the device number did not match the order.
    And alert me with a message
    The result is a problem with the device's operating system

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    2021-02-15 01:19:06 (Reply to:Autel Support)

    Type of equipment: Maxisys MK908P Pro
    Serial Number: V09G12566727
    Brand and version: Ford v5.10
    Car information: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2007 WF0SXXGCDS8E71244
    Country: Portugal
    Problem: Don't do programming in Motor ECU
    Description of the problem: In version 5.00 it was possible to do programming in the MOTOR ECU. After update it's no more possible to do. I try in other Ford cars and have the same problem.
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