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Suggestions of reporting software issues

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    2015-05-30 20:37:23 (Reply to:Autel Support)

      08 Sienna USA market Maxisys reading tire pressure incorrect comparison to ATEQ TPMS tool.
    ATEQ TPMS tool read all 4 sensors 36 to 37 pis which inflate all tires by pressure gauge the same pressure compared with TPMS tool but Maxisys reading at 52 to 53 pis, that way off.
    I hope support team have the Engineer team review Toyota software.

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    2015-05-31 15:49:32 (Reply to:Matronix)

    Yes you are rite mate..................I have just checked and seen some cars and models are missing as well example if you select Ford there is no Mondeo in there........most of them are American models only which is no good for Euro users.....................

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    2015-06-01 13:42:38

     Rite when I first got my new MS908P I did test it on Opel/Vauxhall and for 100% sure the read pin code option was there and had tested it on Corsa D and it did work fine but, now after updating it to new software 2.20 version the pin code reading option is NO LONGER THERE............can any one else test and confirm if they still have Get Pin Code option after updated......................

    Support Team please help on this issue..........................

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    2015-07-06 07:29:15

     I would like the option to not see certain car makes updates...Since I don't have a few cars in my country and I have unselect  them to not show up in diagnostic.. But it would be nice to not see the the same cars I unselect to show up to not show up in the update window.

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    2015-07-13 09:44:38 (Reply to:Autel Support)

       I'm thinking with as many things reported as not working , maybe the engineering room light is on and no one is home, or  is a skeleton staff for one reason or another. My theory is that maybe  the Chinese government can at will tap on the shoulder of any of the the best and brightest software engineers in the country  and just tell them they have to go work somewhere else with a team developing software projects  of something of more Strategic importance for the Country , and Autel Engineering  may be short handed awhile? Another speculation is maybe Autel is going into development of the next generation of pricey  OE manufacturer's Diagnostic equipment tools for car manufacturers dealer network in China and be shifting focus  to the OE dealer equipment support side of things  than the private  aftermarket  scanner side as much? Rather than deal with Cease and Desist orders and lawsuits from OE's is it possible Autel is going to be a future vendor of factory diagnostic equipment , and some Immobilizer functions, and functions that bypass  factory subscriptions  might be sacrificed to secure the OE contracts?

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    2015-07-13 14:56:08 (Reply to:witsend)

     2001 Honda civic  rhd  shows passenger as being  on the r/h

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    2015-07-20 09:13:00 (Reply to:busaman)

     feel lucky it didn't deploy the bag.

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    2015-07-31 20:56:06 (Reply to:Autel Support)

        A shop should  post you tube videos of  software comparison of (non j2534) capabilities between an DS708 with expired software from a year ago to a Maxi Sys with the latest software version . For example show a function like immobilizer  key programming the older slower DS708 offers and successfully programs a key  , where the newer faster platform no longer offers the capability or fails to program a key on the same car the DS708 did.That  would be more effective motivator to repair of software then emails, phone calls, and sending data logs. At the beginning of the tests the video shows the software version , and the make and VIN # of the car. A video is worth a million words.
       I thought I wanted to get a Maxi Sys platform sooner than later, but  I'm basically working on a 5 year and older cars and don't want to sacrifice some near OE tool functionality for older cars just  to get a Chinese Knockoff of watered  down  OPP or StrapOn level newer model coverage.
       Updated comparisons of software versions on an older slower platform with expired one year old  software to the newer  platform with the latest software version on the newer faster platform should determine if it is worth it or not for hundreds, if not thousands of technicians to decide the best path to follow. Even if the non j2534  software OE  functions get downgraded to the Strap-On OPP level , if the price is one third the cost of a comparable Strap On Platform , updates and upgrades will still eventually happen whether or not  Autel decides to play  safe sex  with the OE 's to downgrade to an OPP Strap-On level, or flip the OE's the bird and tell the OE's with the backing of the Chinese government , If you want to  build your Sh@t in Mainland China to save money , taxes , avoid the EPA and NAACP, then we can copy the OE Makers  software with impunity for the aftermarket to service your Turds you make anywhere.I believe it's called Tit for Tech, that's why modern washing machines made in China  are no longer made with wringers anymore.

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    2015-09-22 07:53:15 (Reply to:Autel Support)



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    2015-09-29 14:31:55 (Reply to:mechinctech)

     Maybe Check pins in lead and if needed buy new lead, is vci paired?
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