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Suggestions of reporting software issues

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    Autel Support
    2015-10-09 04:21:09 (Reply to:精艺名车)

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    2015-10-10 03:12:11 (Reply to:Autel Support)


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    2015-10-19 17:18:40 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     how do you send/generate a datlog?

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    2015-10-19 17:19:42 (Reply to:Autel Support)

      how do you send/generate a datlog?

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    2015-10-21 18:06:56 (Reply to:ringosrider)

     it's very easy. You just have to select the pencil that is in the TOP right of the tool when you are in diagnostic.

    If you need any help please contact me.

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    2016-01-23 23:13:19

    Don't update your Autel 908 if you work on late model BMW.
    I've updated from 9.0 to 9.33 and my tool no longer communicates with cars (only sees older cars n modules.
    Support ? Any updates on this open ticket ?

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    2016-01-26 08:43:41 (Reply to:auteluser)

    The latest version of BMW is V9.30, but no V9.33, we don't know how do you download V9.33. Please delete BMW software and redownload it to have a try.

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    2016-02-11 21:37:56 (Reply to:auteluser)

    Support is right. I have work and programming several cars with this new software without problem.

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    2016-05-01 22:09:12

    Type of equipment: Maxisys MS906
    Serial Number: DS8G601019444
    Brand and version: Toyota V 4.0
    Car information: Toyota Corolla, Engine 2ZZ, 2005, AHT54ZEC307004860
    Country: Australia
    Problem: Active Test does not work
    Description of the problem: When Active Test is selected from menu you get error message "Unfortunately Maxisys has stopped" 

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    2016-05-09 02:44:38 (Reply to:Autel Support)

     AUTEL dear!
    I have a Maxisys MS906  S/N DS8G60101017  not support erase code funtion the BCM system on Mazda BT50 BCM - 2015 despite having read the error code.
    please help me
    Link Video :
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